Global Deployment

Data Centers

Arnoo Cloud spans 5 geographic regions around world to provide close-by access, which reduces delay and interruption





China Shenzhen

Cloud Platform Partners

Partner with the most extensive, reliable, and secure global clouds to provide you flexible cloud solutions

Key Features

  • Easy Integration and Open Ecosystem

    Arnoo has already integrated over 1000 connected devices from more than 20 third-party brands

  • Scalable and Flexible Architecture

    Arnoo Cloud can be changed rapidly in practically any part of it’s infrastructure to fit any of your current and future needs

  • Highly Reliable Infrastructure

    24/7 and 99.9% service reliability are guaranteed, and clients own the total ownership of their data

  • High-End Security and Data Privacy

    End-to-end security management was applied in the communication among the connected devices, app, gateway and cloud

  • Customizable Configuration

    Broad connectivity with any device, protocol and platform, based on Arnoo's entirely customizable architecture

Key Functions

  • User Management

    Help you obtain a better understanding of the data of user growth and user activity in the app

  • Device Management

    Analyze the device popularity by querying the number of active and activated smart devices in the panel

  • Multiple Locations

    Simply tap to switch in the app to control all of your smart home systems in your different locations

  • Multiple Users

    Let your family members have the same full control that you do, without the hassle of setting everything up again

  • Over-the-Air Updates

    Offer the over-the-air (OTA) updates to connected devices, enjoy the seamless customer experience

  • Video Streaming

    Push audio and video data that IPC collects to third-party terminal in real time

  • Value-added Services

    Comprehensive services and various functions to enhance the competitiveness of your products.

  • Notification

    Get mobil notifications when the camera, door/window sensor or water leak sensor detects something unnormal.

High Compatibility

Arnoo Cloud enables your smart home to interact with other mainstream smart control terminals or services