OTA service

Devices on the Arnoo IoT Platform support Over-The-Air (OTA) updates to allow remote firmware updates.

  • OTA Update Plan

    Through purchasing upgrade times, making upgrade plan, upgrade plan and upgrade range at the same time

  • Version Management

    Support to query usage rate of devices, quantities of devices and update plan status for version no.

  • Disaster / Historical Report

    Query disaster report records of OTA, and historical report which including success log and failure log.

License Service

Authentication based on certificates when the device connect to cloud to ensure security and legitimacy of equipment.

  • License Application

    By applying UUID, we can connect our smart products to cloud servers in different regions.

  • License Inquiry

    After burning the certificate of the device, both activation status of devices and activation time can be inquired.

Customer Feedback

  • Multiple Types of Feedback

    Collect users’ feedback on different perspectives, such as product malfunction, function suggestion, user experience, etc.

  • Feedback Mechanism

    Operators can view and handle feedback and respond to users via email.

Device Management

Check the network state and activation time of the device, and locate the daily operation log of app users.

Service Market