• All Private Label Products in One App

  • Broad-Connectivity Support

  • Easy to Use

  • Customizable Configuration

A Customizable App to Control Everything, Anywhere

Smart and simple-to-use app to remotely control all connected devices, create smart scenarios, and protect your house

Key Functions

  • Group Control

  • Smart Scenes

  • Smart Automation

  • Security Alarm System

  • Video Streaming & Playback

  • Siri Shortcut

  • iOS / Android Widgets

  • Message Center

Flexible App for Various Market Segments

Customize or use the pre-made and pre-tested app to reduce time to market

Arnoo All-in-one

Use Arnoo standard app out of the box to save time and quickly deploy it for your customers.

Arnoo Lighting

Transform your home lighting to smart with Arnoo's dedicated Lighting app.

Arnoo Security

Stay or leave home with a peace of mind with Arnoo's dedicated Security app.

Arnoo IPC

Monitor and protect what you love with Arnoo's dedicated IPC app.

Ongoing Maintenance

Keep testing against the latest releases of iOS and Android to ensure performance